Our transport segment exists to enable local authorities to deliver their statutory duties under Section 508B of the Education Act 1996.

GDL ensures local authorities are able make travel arrangements as they consider necessary to facilitate attendance at school for children who have special educational needs, a disability or mobility problems as well as transport for pupils if their school is longer than statutory walking distances.

We undertake safeguarding checks on those whose work or other involvement will bring them into contact with children, or more widely, vulnerable adults.  This includes drivers and passenger assistants.  All our team members are also Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked. The PATS certification includes:

  • an awareness of different types of disability including hidden disabilities;
  • an awareness of what constitutes discrimination;
  • training in the necessary skills to recognise, support and manage pupils with
  • different types of disabilities, including hidden disabilities and certain
  • behaviour that may be associated with such disabilities;
  • training in the skills necessary to communicate appropriately with pupils with
  • all types of different disabilities, including the hidden disabilities; and
  • training in the implementation of health care protocols to cover emergency
  • procedures.

In delivering our service we also have a duty to support Local Authorities to:

  • manage public money responsibly;
  • provide value for money services;
  • promote the use of sustainable travel and transport.